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Your Life Is Meant To Feel Good!

Let Me Help You Reclaim Your Authenticity.

With Soul Mirror I combine my experience in Design & Spirituality to create Sacred Space for your Soul.

My retreats & coaching make space for you to be present, focus your energy, and reconnect with your truest self.

Whether you play with me or not, I sincerely hope you will make space for self-reflection: slow down your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts, and experience personal transformation.

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Here are some ways we can work together.

Authenticity is a by-product of alignment. Are we aligned?
Have a look at my offerings and see what resonates.

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Image by Arturo Ochoa
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Learn the specific intuitive practices I used to reconnect to my inner voice during the most challenging year of my life.


Meet fellow Soul Travelers in an intimate retreat in Mexico designed to realign you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, & energetically!


Work one-on-one with Chereese to get clarity on energetic blocks that are getting between you & the life experience you want right now!

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“Purity burns.
So the darkness runs.
And despises every mirror that reflects the sun.”

Chereese La-Vonne

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A Bit About Soul Mirror

Making Space for Creative Souls

I'm Chereese and Soul Mirror is a love gift to the world; a collection of tools & experiences that will help you reconnect with your Soul so you can live the life you truly desire!

We put on our first retreat back in February 2021, and we’re ready to continue enriching the experiences of our guests. Each retreat is a unique expression of the beauty and wonder that Central Mexico has to offer, with a hint of guidance and inspiration.

We understand that the time and space to escape from the hustle and bustle of life can be in limited supply, which is why we dedicate so much time and effort into  preparing space for you to heal, balanced with practical considerations. You can count on a thoughtfully curated experience rich with spiritual, emotional, & cultural inspiration; and a comfortable home-base that supports your remote working needs.

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Outdoor Meditation

“The tortured soul
has no reason to fear
as it rests in silence;

Chereese La-Vonne

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Curated by a

Care-free, Caring Spirit

Chereese La-Vonne - Founder & Creator

I am a free-spirit who chose to come to earth at this time and be raised by highly-religious parents, who were pioneering in areas of business, community work, and spiritual leadership. This lifelong education has helped me to hone the vision I had for how I would show up on this planet. Most notably, I have embodied a high level of discipline & dedication in my spiritual practice; it simply is my way of Being. This upbringing did not come without its pains. I have fought, since the day I was born to simply “be” and have had to become very clear on what that Being was and what it was worth. Because of this, I have also developed a keen awareness of the pattern of lies that seeks to encapsulate Truth in the world, and have gained tremendous strength in my intuitive abilities as I unraveled the lies that sought to limit my Being. 

I am a gifted spoken word poet who channels messages from Source to support individuals in their quest for Self-knowledge. I am also professionally trained as an architectural designer. My academic training offered me the ability to approach life holistically as the field of architecture requires analysis of the interconnected nature of the natural, built, and psychological environments AND their ability to reflect and effect our evolution. I include an awareness of our spiritual evolution in this analysis. Currently, I am half-way through a Masters of Design in Designed Objects at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, IL. 

My experience as a performer and cultural practitioner in my home island, Jamaica, has also been integral in my Self-education. I trained professionally in Modern Dance for 12 years, and have also experienced the benefit of practicing various instruments with Voice being my favorite. These experiences have attuned my body awareness to intuitively flow with and manipulate energy. I grew up surrounded by an awareness of the “natural mystic flowing through the air” and as a Virgo with strong earth placements, I share an intimate relationship with nature and the earth. Relating to the natural elements is a key part of my spiritual practice and I find that my guides especially love to meet with me by river-banks. 

In Jamaica, I am recognized by my community and nation as a point of inspiration for our people. I have received awards of excellence from the Government of Jamaica for my work as a mental health advocate and community worker. I have also been recognized internationally as an ‘Iconic Woman Creating A Better World For All’ by the Women Economic Forum based in New Delhi, India. My projects and public offerings reflect my true heart’s desire to see as many of us free from the bondages that hold us back spiritually. 

More than all of this, I want you to know that I am very easy-going & light-hearted. I think my approach to life (on this planet) has the right balance of reverence and irreverence to inspire the joy-filled, limitless life that I enjoy.

- Chereese La-Vonne -

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