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How Did I End Up Living In Querétaro, Mexico?!

You may not know this, but my move to Mexico wasn't actually planned... and to be totally real with you, the story of how I even got here is a little on the embarrassing side…

But heck, I was in a retreat leaders conference recently that encouraged me to take MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION when it comes to sharing value with my community, and if anyone can display vulnerability & openness, it's me! :P

So here it goes…

Flashback to August 2020 in Chicago: I had been locked out of Jamaica due to pandemic lockdowns and to top it all off, my US tourist visa was about to expire.

I made the choice to sell everything I owned in Chicago and to follow my partner to Mexico to sort of wait it out. Flash forward to a week after landing in Mexico and we were broken up... I told you it was embarrassing!

Anyways, I recounted a bit of that story and what I learned about the power of intuitive living in my first weekly Vlog!

This is my massive imperfect action: I'm challenging myself to share some of my story, light, wisdom, and experiences once a week without worrying about it being perfect... just it being true.

So, my first video is cued up for release on Friday morning, and I'd love to invite you to watch and also feel free to share it with friends and on your platforms (if you find it valuable to do so).

Head over here to check it out >>>

This is a ‘storytime’ kind of episode where I talk about: - How I experienced the highest levels of freedom ever, even in the midst of chaos - My top three favourite things about my new hometown; Querétaro - The most important thing to consider when making any major life decision

Shared with lots of love, and the highest intention for our alignment with the most fulfilled versions of ourselves!

Talk soon, Chereese La-Vonne

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