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Ritual of Remembering Reality (& Soothing Emotional Overwhelm)

Hello Dear One,

The purpose of this ritual is grounding and to help you release any stuck energy. If you already feel grounded and in flow, you are good to go.

These practices help me move through and soothe my emotions, and I want to share them with you. It’s a list I go through religiously on the days that feel like hell and it helps me to come back to the present moment when the hurt and pain clouds my days.

Sometimes I will dedicate 3 hours, a whole day, or an entire weekend to go through it. During that time I limit communication to and from others so I can direct as much of my dwindling energy to myself and my well-being.

This can be a good practice for you if you find yourself constantly projecting drama in your life.


  1. Choose any category from the list below that gives you the least resistance and choose one of the suggested activities or make up your own.

  2. Work on that activity with as much presence as possible. That is, really be mindful about what you are undertaking. If setting a timer feels good, do that. If you can afford not to worry about time, even better.

  3. Move on to the next category and activity that feels good to you. Sometimes it’s difficult to make choices in a state of overwhelm. In that case just follow the list as-is.

A starting tip: try for at least 5 minutes of an activity.

*Don’t become slave to this. Move at your rhythm. Release your mind Dear One, feel into reality.


Yoga, Run, Dance, Walk, Breathwork, Mindful Shower


Tibetan Bowls, Favourites Playlists, Singing Practice


Tea, Weed, Supplements, Food


Prayer, Altar Time, Chants, Silence, Guided Meditation


Journal 3 pgs, 5-min Journal, Read Spiritual Book/Article/Post


Affirmations, YouTube Motivational Videos, Read Motivational Book/Article/Post


Visual Art, Tidy Space, Construction of Physical Object


Language Learning, Brain Game, Read Psychological Book/Article/Post


Skincare, Nailcare, Haircare, Image


Meaningful exchange/message with Friends and Family

I hope this ritual helps you regain some peace. For more free wellness resources check out my free ebook or connect with me on Instagram.

Wishing you WELL,

Chereese La-Vonne

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