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Spring Equinox*

March 10-19, 2023

*The spring equinox is the official shift of seasons from winter to spring. It is an excellent time to celebrate joy & rebirth! This retreat powerfully works with the energy of personal renewal & awakening.

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The Journey

Each Day Takes You Closer To Your Self


Settling In

You have arrived in Mexico & your journey is just beginning. After your free airport transfer, you will have time to rest and get acquainted with your new home; Unamorada Villa. Our first evening together you will join Chereese & the rest of the Rhythm Resetters for a festive Welcome dinner.

Dinner is included.


Mental Reset

This is your day to move slowly and start setting intentions for your time on this retreat. A lazy breakfast with the group, and guided journaling time will set the stage for your self-reflection. In the afternoon we will enjoy a history-packed walking tour of your new town with a local architect.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner are included.


Spiritual Reset

Sitting in the darkness of the ceremonial Temazcal hut, you breathe in the medicinal vapors and follow along with the Shaman's enthusiastic chants. Your energy is reunited in oneness with the galaxy, mother earth, and all its inhabitants. You leave feeling reborn with a vibrancy like never before.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner included.


Integration Day

This retreat is about finding your rhythm! We'll start the day off with an integrated yoga & meditation session to get your body & energy aligned. Then you'll take the time to lounge around the house, enjoy time with the other guests, or do some solo exploring of the town and let the day guide you!

Breakfast included.


Emotional Reset

Creative exploration is the name of the game today! Get your hands dirty in an artisanal workshop with a local artist. The session will encourage you to feel into your emotions and to release control to a greater creative power. What can you create when you let your mind go a little?

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner included.


Physical Reset

Have you ever been to heaven? Our early morning hike to Mirador Cuatro Palos will certainly have you feeling like it! Watch as the sun rises over a vast mountain range, casting dancing shadows on the hills below. We'll Brunch & have some shopping in the magical town of Bernal before heading back to our delightful home.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner included.


Integration Day

You're going to want some rest after our eventful outing yesterday! Start the morning with our integrated yoga & meditation session, then take the time to process, relax, and reset your mind. It may be a great day to enjoy the pool at the villa, or get caught up in the local culture of Querétaro. See if you can find a cute lunch spot!

Breakfast  included.


Energy Reset

You've experienced a lot over the past week and now it's time to indulge in some Bodywork to tie it all together.  Indulge in a pampering spa experience rooted in healing modalities. You'll leave feeling aligned & enriched mind, body, and soul!

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Included.


Rhythm Reset

It's your final day in Querétaro! Today you'll start the day with a lovely yoga flow in the morning, and end it with a celebratory night on the town! We'll dress to the nines and celebrate the amazing transformations you've undergone with an energetic ecstatic dance party!

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner included.

DAY 10

Fare Well!

It's our last morning together and as you pack up your luggage, you'll also be packing in some tools & insights that would have changed your relationship to your intuitive power! You opened yourself to the transformative experience, and now you're ready to co-create your most authentic life!

Breakfast included.

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Charming City at Night


Querétaro, México - A Magical Mix of History & Modernity

Your temporary home is located in the peaceful Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. This historical center is a UNESCO world heritage site and is known as one of the safest towns in Mexico.

The cobbled streets are lined with colorful colonial buildings ranging from quaint to majestic! Cafes and galleries abound with hidden courtyards like oases in the middle of a desert.

Each day here will feel like a delightful adventure as you playfully engage the town from a place of curiosity and wonder; it plays back!

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I'm Ready For My Transformation!

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Here's What Past Attendees Are Saying!


Experiencing this trip was better than what I dreamed of. I usually plan everything to go well and this was the first time I allowed myself to really go with the flow but the way you structured the retreat still allowed me to have intentionality with our free time. I got to embrace the side of myself that didn’t need to plan everything. There was a lot of space to feel things in the moment, and to reflect on our feminine energy and going about life that way.

This was the best spiritually transformative and healing experience I had to brighten up a very rough last year. Definitely an opportunity you don't want to miss if you are able to attend! 


Kimone 2.jpeg

Thank you for curating a space that really allowed me to explore myself, Queretaro and the beauty of Mexico. It was beautiful connecting with you as well as with other persons! I think you are an amazing host and you made this entire process so seamless and you were so supportive that I am really grateful. My time spent in Mexico was absolutely lovely and I have brought that same flow and ease back home with me. And that was the goal, to see how this experience could help me to make the little and big changes that really improve my life going forward.


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So, are you ready to sign up?

What Makes This Retreat Special - All The Space You Need

The intention of this retreat is to reinvigorate your life by giving you ((space)) to re-connect with yourSelf and the world around you through art, nature, and spiritual practice. It is an opportunity to add new experiences to your life to reset your ability to be in-joy-in your life.

This retreat is not meant to be filled to the brim with activities; the ((space)) for healing also includes time-space. I will defer to you regarding the time-space that you will need to honor for yourSelf. So, while I will be easily accessible, the time is yours to flow as feels right with your spirit.

The slow pace means that you will have the opportunity to make deep connections with others while also guarding your own restorative time.

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Spaces are limited (just 6-8 spots!) Place your deposit and I will reach out to you re your payment plan... or pay in full!

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