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A 7-day Activation Designed for Self-Exploration, Energy Re-invigoration, & Clearing Blocks to Live Your Most Authentic, Aligned, & Awesome Life!

Santiago de Querétaro, MEXICO

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March 10-16, 2023

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If YOU ARE A CREATIVE SOUL who is ready to experience new levels of creative spark, personal clarity, and spiritual alignment; and clear out any energetic blocks getting in the way of living the life your soul deeply desires...

Then join Chereese La-Vonne in the spiritually deep and vibrant land of Central Mexico to get back in touch with the most vibrant version of you!

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Imagine spending 7 days of INNER & OUTER ADVENTURE from our home base in a 100-year old villa in the charming UNESCO World Heritage Listed Town of Santiago de Querétaro.

Each blissful morning, you wake up to the sound of cathedral bells, partake in a STIMULATING-BUT-GROUNDING agenda of activities, and walk cobbled roads to discover the not-so-hidden treasure of colonial architecture, Mexican art, and ancient Mayan medicine practices.

As the days go by, you TRAVEL DEEPER & deeper within to explore your heart in the most intimate way. Peace comes over you. Joy erupts in you. Your mind is clear and your heart is full.

You have found a way back into your unique soul rhythm. You finally FEEL WHOLE!

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Wouldn't it feel amazing to live a life that feels more in flow?

It certainly will, and that's what you can expect to experience during our time in Mexico. Through our intentional Soul Mirror Sessions you will regain clarity on what matters most to you and how to reconnect with your inner voice, so you can head back home and start living a more easeful, more authentic life that just FEELS GOOD.


What would change in your life if you deepened your relationship with your intuition?

A whole lot will change! And you'll practice the tools to achieve this through our integrated yoga/meditation sessions and activities based in eco-therapy & art-therapy that will have you SEEING YOURSELF & YOUR POWER in a beautiful new way.

Can you imagine saying good-bye to your feelings of "stuckness"?

Wow! That sounds amazing, and through our cultural outings you will discover how to release any limiting beliefs around your life & reclaim your ideals of SUCCESS & FREEDOM that most align with the truth of who you are.

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You Had Me at 'Mexico'!

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