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What's Included

The Full Package

Retreat: What's Included: List

Private or Shared Accommodations for 10 Days

You will live elegantly in an aesthetically rich private room right in the heart of the charming historical center of Santiago de Querétaro. You will have a choice between a private room with your own bathroom, or one of the comfortable beds in the shared "Pajama Room" and shared bathroom. The Pajama Room holds 6 people and have two full bathrooms and private lockers. This home is over 100-years old and has been updated to balance modern facilities with reverence of its deep heritage. The house is private to us and each room has its own en suite bathroom with a waterfall hot-water shower. There is also free wifi all throughout the house.  You will have access to a shared courtyard, pool, rooftop terrace, piano lounge, remote workspace, kitchen, & free laundry service. You will be footsteps away from the historic Plaza de Armas... the birthing site of Mexican Independence.

Daily Breakfast, 7 Dinners, & 6 Lunches

You will be provided with a hearty & healthy breakfast daily prepared by our private chef. We'll also enjoy lunch and dinner together on most days. (You can also refer to the itinerary). On integration days you'll be encouraged to allow your intuition to guide your day and so lunch and dinner are up to you and the beautiful gastric landscape of the Santiago de Queretaro. For all meals, I am happy to ensure vegan and vegetarian options are available based on your food preferences.

Two Community Connection Dinners

Two of our dinners will be tied to your welcome and departure, this is a shared meal and time of communion with other guests and your hosts. We will create the space of open-hearted, laughter-filled, and culturally-rich exchanges among us. Expect music, laughter, and great food under the stars.

Three Sunrise Yoga Sessions

For three mornings during the week, you will be able to share in a movement meditation session with a trained Instructor in the villa's courtyard. I have found this Instructor to have a keen awareness of the interrelated aspects of movement and meditation, such that their sessions feel both physically challenging and spiritually centering. Mats will be provided.

Three Soul Mirror Sessions (Intuitive Journaling Workshop)

I will lead you through the intuitive journaling, movement, and meditation practices that has unlocked new levels of emotional awareness for my clients. Wear something comfy, grab your journal, and come ready to meet yourself at a deeper level.

Ancient Mayan Temazcal Ceremony

Temazcal is a Mexican Sweat Lodge Ceremony led by my trusted local Shaman. You will partake in a cleansing ceremony involving chanting, music, and herbs. The ceremony takes place in a dome-shaped earth brick hut representing a womb from which you will be reborn. The session lasts about 2 hours and is an incredible way for you to connect with your natural abilities to release stuck energy. You will leave energetically lighter.

Nature Outing - Mirador Cuatro Palos

We will travel to a heavenly location to watch the sunrise over a vast mountain range, casting dancing shadows on the hillocks below. It is roughly a 3-hour drive from the city center and requires a short 20-minute hike. You will have the opportunity to meditate, eat, or explore in this magical place. It is absolutely worth it.

Cultural Experiences - Art & Architecture

You will have the opportunity to partake in an art workshop making local designs with a local Artisan, an architectural tour of Queretaro's historical city center (a UNESCO world heritage site) with a local Architect, and a short tour of the magical town of Bernal.

Ecstatic Dance Party

On our last night together, we will celebrate the integration of mind, body, soul with a mindful ecstatic dance party. This is a time to let loose and let the new levels of personal freedom flow through you in a deliciously intuitive way. No dance experience needed!

Energetic BodyWork

You will indulge in a healing session with a master masseuse who combines hands-on and hand-off approaches to aligning your chakras and overall energy.

Package of Ritual Items

You will be gifted with a few of the key items in my ritual practice; a journal, incense, & organic herbs.

$25 USD (500 Peso) Coupon at Local Artisanal Store

Located footsteps from your accommodation, consider it your personal gift shop of amazing local crafts and creations.

Administrative Support & Availability

You will be provided with the information you need to navigate the town & Mexico. I will be available to support you with everyday tasks and introduce you to the people & culture.

Free Airport or Bus Station Transfer

I will pick you up at Querétaro's Intercontinental Airport (Aeropuerto Intercontinental de Querétaro) or it's comfortable bus station (Terminal de Autobuses). Before you travel, I can offer suggestions on the best ways to get here depending on your current location.

You Had Me at 'Mexico'!

Retreat: What's Included: Headliner

The House

With an UNBEATABLE LOCATION (right in the heart of the historic center), UNAMORADA is a beautiful house that combines an old structure with modern and functional design.

It has a swimming pool, terrace with grill, room with movie screen and piano, dining room, fully equipped kitchen and several corners worthy of photography.

Each private room is equipped with a queen- or double- sized bed and an ensuite bathroom with waterfall shower. You may also opt for a comfortable bed in the "Pajama Room": an elevated take on the hostel experience with shared bathroom & private lockers.

It is a perfect space for us to live together, rest, and enjoy being in the heart of the Historical Center.

Retreat: What's Included: About

The Venue

Did someone say MAGIC? Because that's what you'll experience each day while we are together in Mexico!

You will live elegantly in an historically rich private room right in the heart of the charming historical center of Santiago de Querétaro.

Enjoy the rustic charm of the refurbished colonial home with exposed natural architectural elements.

Start the morning with yoga in the private patio, explore the city or cool off in the pool during the day, and cap off the night with a cocktail (or mocktail) at the rooftop garden!


The Cuisine

Mexican food is known for it's punch of flavor, and your taste buds will be pleasantly delighted with what it will get to experience!

Have you been dying to try authentic Chilaquiles, Enchiladas, or Pozole?

Are you most looking forward to connecting with other guests over a scrumptious breakfast? Or maybe you are most excited about our special Connection Dinners where we dress up, get festive and share in love and laughter?

Either way you'll be satisfied by our chef-prepared, balanced meals served and enjoyed up to 3 times daily.*

*Specific meals are noted on the agenda. Vegan & Vegetarian options available.

Mexican Food

The Culture

Envelop yourself in delightful & divine practices that inspire curiosity, joy, and inner alignment!

Would you like to reconnect with your emotional & energy body in the sacred Temazcal ceremony practiced by the ancient Mayans?

Would your hands feel happy squishing clay in an art workshop led by a local artisan?

Perhaps you're looking forward to the mental stimulation of a historical tour of the city centre with a local architect?

Then get excited, because the cultural activities on this retreat have been hand-picked to mix joy & fun with deep personal transformation.

Hand Craft
Retreat: What's Included: Features

What's Not Included

Retreat: What's Included: Features

Your round-trip airfare to & from home is not included.

2 lunchs & 2 dinners are not included. ( This is on the Integration Days. You can also refer to the itinerary.)

Alcoholic beverages are not included.

Transportation on your free (integration) days is not included.

Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, extra tours or outings, personal taxis, tips for room maid and room service.

Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance is not included (I do recommend you have this just in case).

Guest Testimonials

Retreat: What's Included: Testimonials

The retreat opened new doors for me. I definitely feel comfortable going home & doing what I really want to do [career-wise] now. All my life I've felt like I needed to work extra hard especially as a woman of color in the U.S. But, coming to Mexico, I had the opportunity to really reflect on all of that for myself.

Michelle, Fall 2021


Transformational. Doing Temazcal, and other things, this trip started making me think more about my relationship to pain. It made me connect to and figure out a way to view it moving forward. 

It was a healing, transformational experience for me.

Nilaxi, Fall 2021


" I’ve been unlocked and I have no desire to go back to the life I once knew. The removal of blocks & connectivity mirrored with Chereese was an out of this world experience my soul needed. Everyone deserves time to let their soul grow."

Phe, Spring 2021


Spaces are limited (just 6-8 spots!) Place your deposit and I will reach out to you re your payment plan... or pay in full!

Retreat: What's Included: Welcome
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